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Includes Tuishulp products. Depicta's main website ūüĎČ

WALL CHARTS & ACTIVITIES: A - Z ALPHABET CHARTS / FRIEZE (Sassoon / Nelson / Natalia type fonts)

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Paper size: 26 x A4 charts OR 13 x A4 charts (2 x A5 charts on one A4 sheet). Place next to each other along the top of the wall.

Incidental learning (any unplanned or unintended learning which may also arise as a by-product of planned learning) is an underestimated and often ignored resource. By placing learning material (e.g. charts or posters) in a strategic or very visible place, a child can learn just by seeing the chart or poster there and reading the details, without any extra work on your behalf.  Any additional effort you offer is a bonus.

These A - Z alphabet charts are one of those resources.  Put them on the classroom or bedroom wall and your child or children will learn the alphabet letters and sounds by seeing the charts. They will recognize the letters of the alphabet plus the word that starts with that letter. Go through it with them or follow our ideas and activities and you 'll increase their learning experience and knowledge.