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ONLY digital products. Includes TUISHULP products. Depicta's main website 👉
Includes Tuishulp products. Depicta's main website 👉

Help and Support


ALL of our products are digital downloads. Go to for physical products.

Once you've purchased a product it'll automatically be emailed to you to download. 

All file types are PDF, so please ensure you have the latest ADOBE version to open and use your file properly. 

These products are for YOUR USE ONLY!  The purchase of a product gives you limited copyright in that you can use it for your child or classroom only. It may not be shared, adapted or resold. You may not use it on third-party (whether for-profit or not-for-profit) lesson-sharing websites. Doing so is an IP violation. 

If you are from outside South Africa you can still purchase our products but you need to use a credit card, not a debit card or local bank card.

Email should you have any further queries.