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18 Character Shapes; activities and games

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PAGE SIZE: 37 x A4 pages including activities and games

DO NOT underestimate the importance of learning about shapes.

They are the foundation of symbols (like numbers & letters) and critical thinking (compare & contrast). 

Shape practice helps children to observe, compare and discuss what they see and encounter in the world.

Teach them these 18 shapes using these delightful characters and let them examine the properties, lines, and angles, of each shape.  Names can be cut off or left on and we include a variety of activities and games that can be used with this poster and card set (which can also be projected on to a smartboard) .

Shapes included are: circle; semi-circle; oval; square; rectangle; triangle; rhombus; kite; parallelogram; trapezium (or trapezoid); heart; star; pentagon; hexagon; heptagon; octagon; nonagon; decagon.  

Print out the posters/charts right from your computer! Print out the size or shapes that you are teaching - whatever fits your needs for your classroom or home.  And don’t worry- you can print more anytime! Year after year! HINT: PRINT directly on 160g board and don't bother to laminate.  If it finally wears out you can print another.