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ONLY digital products. Includes TUISHULP products. Depicta's main website ūüĎČ
Includes Tuishulp products. Depicta's main website ūüĎČ


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THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT.  YOU WILL RECEIVE THE PDF TO DOWNLOAD. (print on 160g board -home printers do this), or print on paper and mount on thicker board, e.g. recycled cereal boxes, board from boxes, etc.    

A4 pages x 6.                                                                                                            CHOOSE ONE OR MORE                                                                                                PRINT and enlarge the A4 colour copy to A3 OR                                                    PRINT the 2 x A4 and join together to make an A3 gameboard OR/AND                    PRINT the black and white copy -to save ink OR use as a worksheet (instructions are provided).

This game "PRET WEDREN"  focuses on building words in Afrikaans - long and/or short words depending on the level of your pupils. It requires and reinforces the use and spelling of sounds and words. It can be used in Foundation Phase home language, and Intermediate Phase for an additional language.

Games are fun, motivating to all pupils and support the curriculum.  Read our blog on why you should use games in your classroom.